Upgrade Exchange 2010 SP2 on CAS array

Microsoft released the second service pack for Microsoft Exchange Server SP2 Link

Now im going to Upgrade My Servers to SP2

Before we apply service pack 2 we need to check all the Compatibilities  of our 3rd party software’s like Anti-Spam, Antivirus, Operating system service packs and Windows updates.

Most of companies have CAS array solution  to Avoid any downtime for the users, we need to manage all our servers in such a way user should not fell any downtime ,

So when we are upgrading Service Packs, Roll updates we need to apply the update on one server at a time.


Imp Note :

When you upgrade Exchange 2010 to a newer service pack, you can’t uninstall the service pack to revert to the previous version. If you uninstall the service pack, you remove Exchange from the server.


Upgrading Exchange 2010 Order


Client Access

Hub Transport

Unified Messaging



Lets check our Current Version of Exchange Server

Current version it shows 14.1 ( Build no 218.15)


Note: Another Important thing is we cannot make Exchange 2010 SP1 and SP2 Co-existence in same Load balancing.

We will start with one CAS server and Another.


Firstly we need to remove the server which will part of update from WNLB



Stop the  node from Control Host


Right Click go to Properties  under default state: stopped.


Now we need to check we have Third party applications like Anti-Spam or Anti-Virus Services running we need to manually stop those services.

Disabling the Monitoring’s  like SCOM agents or another.


We need to make sure all the prerequisites on Client Access servers are installed.

Open Server Manager.

Select Roles.

Under Web Server (IIS), select Add Role Services.

In the Add Role Services wizard,   on the Select Role Services page,   select the following Windows features:

IIS 6 WMI Compatibility


ISAPI Filters

Client Certificate Mapping Authentication

Directory Browsing

HTTP Errors

HTTP Logging

HTTP Redirection


Request Monitor

Static Content

Run the Setup File


Here we go now we are ready to Upgrade Exchange 2010 Sp2.




Now lets Verify the Exchange Setup by View Setup logs.

We need to check service pack  setup log file to C:\ExchangeSetupLogs to verify the setup.

Also Make sure all the services are working and started automatically.


Start the server in the NLB cluster.




Make the Default State Mode:  started



Once you have upgraded the First CAS server then you can go and applied the same on Another.





13 thoughts on “Upgrade Exchange 2010 SP2 on CAS array

  1. Hi,

    We have a Windows NLB and a CAS array (3 servers) set up and working.

    I want to know if there is a way of finding out which CAS server an Outlook clinet is connected to.

    I’ve tested it the harder way by switching off eacjh of the servers and finding out that Outlook client will log you out if you are on a CAS server that has gone down but I would like to know if there is any utility or powershell command etc to find out.


  2. we have an issue while transforming existing exchange 2007 HP DL 360 G6
    Vmware ESXI 4.0 on this server 4 VMs is running
    DC (0S WIN2008r2 stndrd) , ISA2006 (0S 2003R2 ) , AV server(OS 2003 R2) and Exchange MB SERVICES (OS WIN 2008).

    on another HP DL 360 G6
    Vmware ESXI 4.0( 1 VM ) RUNNING ONly one VM
    Exchange H T & CA (os win 2003 r2)

    now we want to upgrade exchange 2007-2010
    and migrate to 2 new physical server which is dell r710 servers
    we are going to install all servers HT,CA AND MB in both servers with clustering and DAG

    can you guide me step by step with screenshots ?

    thanks in advance,

  3. Hello Tom,

    when we create cas array all cas servers act as one server, Outlook clients are connected to this CAS array using WNLB or hardware load balancer wil handle the process background.

    You can use network trace to find the current cas server connecting to your outlook or
    RPC Client Access logs

    it all depends on how you are load balancing your clients.

    Mouzzam Hussain

  4. Exchange 2010 Sp2 cas array issue:

    this is probibly not a valid configuration but i am learning so any thing you can add to this would surely hep.

    I have set a cas array and there are 3 members as seen in the diagram , but every time i attempt to set up out look and point it to “casasrray” it changes the field to “ex1” I am sure that it is something to do with the role of CAS being combined on this EX1 server, should I just remove the role on the EX1 for the CAS and have just 2?

  5. thanks for your Quick replay i really appreciate about the answers which you gave me

    The above link is really helpful to me




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