Exchange 2010 Error While Adding Mailbox Server in DAG

An Active Manager operation failed. Error An error occurred while attempting a cluster operation. Error: Cluster API ‘”OpenCluster( failed with 0x6d9


After troubleshooting a lot we checked the Remote Registry Service was disable, I Changed it to Automatic and started the service then it was successfully added another DAG Member.

More over we need to check the network connection settings as well as IP address DNS Settings.


How to Check Exchange 2010 DB Size using EMS

Most Important task for Exchange Administrator is to monitor Exchange DB’s

Using EMS (Exchange Management Shell ) we can check our DB size instead of going to Each DB Properties from EMC

Get-MailboxDatabase is one of the Cmdlet through which we can collect the information for our DB size.

We need to connect to EMS

Get-MailboxDatabase -Status | select ServerName,Name,DatabaseSize

Status : The Status parameter specifies whether to get information for the following

  • BackupInProgress
  • Mounted
  • OnlineMaintenanceInProgress
  • Available free space in the database root

Server:  The servername parameter represent the inforamtion about the Mailbox Server Name

Name :  The Name represents Database name

Database size : this represents the size of DB

How to use ExFolder Tool for Exchange 2010

Microsoft released one of the very useful tool called Ex-folder, Ex-folder was previously know as PFDAVAdmin

We need to use this tool from Exchange server only as it runs with Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Topology Service.

Download this tool from Microsoft Technet Exchange site


Anyways I will document the steps for using Exfolder


  •  Download Exfolders  and copy the executable file to the Exchange Bin folder
    • Note: If we try to run from different location it will crash simply.


  • In order to run it we need to import the TurnOffSNVerificationForExFolders.reg


  • Once we import this Reg we can run this Exfolders.exe from Bin Folder


  • We need to select GC Server and Exchange Database were we need to set the permissions.



  • In the following window click on the Database option and then click the browse button to select the database


  • Now you will see all the mailboxes in the selected database


  • Right click and select folder permission


  • Then add the users and give the appropriate permission you want to give.