Upgrade Exchange 2010 SP2 on DAG Servers

In my previous blog we have upgraded the CAS & Hub Servers now we are going to upgrade our MBX server


Imp note :

First important think here we should not upgrade MBX role before CAS within the same active directory site.

When we are applying service pack we need to make sure all the specific issues.

  •  Take the backup for all the Databases
  • Stop all service which used by anti-virus
  • Stop Monitoring Services
  • Verify the  health of the DAG and its mailbox database copies
  • Upgrade the Service first on Passive database.


After you upgrade Exchange 2010 to a newer service pack, you can’t uninstall the service pack to revert to the previous version. If you uninstall the service pack, you remove Exchange from the server

Lets check the Current Primary Active Manager


Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup Exdag  -Status | Format-List PrimaryActiveManager

Another Important Point is we need to place the server in maintenance mode if we are using any monitoring applications to avoid getting alarms and alerts.

Exchange 2010 SP1 Provides script to run StartDagServerMaintenance.ps1  thanks to Microsoft for making this Easier


Step 2 :

Performing Server Switch Over for Upgrade, We need run the following  CMD from Powershell


Move-ActiveMailboxDatabase -server Ex-Mail01,  Now as we can check the current owner of the database server is being moved to Ex-mail01

The above warning is on Public folder which we cannot replicate using DAG , We need to prevent the DAG member from becoming Failover target using the following CMD

Set-MailboxServer  -DatabaseCopyAutoActivationPolicy:Blocked


Upgrading the service pack using Exchange 2010 SP2

Extract the setup files

Click on Upgrade

Click Next

Accept the agreement


Once it installed check the Version of Exchange Server



Now when are done with Passive node we need to upgrade on the second server

Moving active mailbox databases to server.

Follow the same steps which we have done for the Ex-mail01.


Thanks for viewing !!!!!!!!!



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