Configure Cross Site Redirection Exchange 2010 SP2

It was too long to have this feature after the release of Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2,  with the release of sp2 it came up

With some exciting features like Address book policies,  Cross Site redirection

In this blog im going to configure the Site redirection which came with Exchange 2010 SP2,

Before the user’s  get a link to access the mailbox in the site where his mailbox resides. After getting it the user needs again to login second time to access his mailbox.

The concept of redirection works only when we have multiple AD sites.

To configure  this feature a new parameter came “CrossSiteRedirectType”  “Silent”  with Set-OwaVirtualDirectory Cmdlets.

The Parameters has two values , Default is Manual.

Silent :  When this settings are configured user is automatically redirected to Client access server located in another Active directory Site that have an OWA ExternalURL specified, within the same Exchange Organization.

Manual: When this settings are configured user get’s notification that his OWA Url is wrong and that he must click on the link to access the correct OWA URL .

To configure the silent cross redirection we need to add the parameter in the following cmd

Set-OWAVirtualDirectory -Identity “Arabitpro\owa (Default Web site)” -CrossSiteRedirectType Silent

To verify the settings type the following

 Get-OwaVirtualDirectory | fl  server,name,externalurl,crosssiteredirecttype.

It will shows that the silent redirection is enabled on the Exchange 2010 CAS server in an AD site.


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