Limitation for Exchange 2010 SP2 Mobile Mailbox Users

There are some users who really wants to configure the active sync devices more than a normal limit, not because of the y buy devices every week or they want to access from all the devices, But normally we need to test all the devices which is used in our Organization.

I was just configuring my all devices for Exchange Mailbox I got stuck with only 10 devices because by default exchange 2010 SP1  only allow you to connect 10 devices.

Microsoft Throttling Policies manage the performance of our Exchange Organization and also track the user’s resource

that each user consumes and enforces connection bandwidth limits.

We can apply the throttling policy on the following components

  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  • Exchange Web Services
  • IMAP
  • Outlook Web App
  • POP
  • Windows PowerShell

All these component types have policy parameters that work similarly, except for the Windows PowerShell component type.

We can control the throttling policy by using the following cmds

New-ThrottlingPolicy This cmdlet creates a new throttling policy
Remove-ThrottlingPolicy This cmdlet removes a throttling policy.
Get-ThrottlingPolicy This cmdlet lets you view the settings of a throttling policy.
Set-ThrottlingPolicy This cmdlet modifies all available settings for a throttling policy.

Firstly we need to check the current policy by using the following cmd



Now we need to change the limitation of our Mobile devices from 10 to 50

Set-ThrottlingPolicy -EASMAXDevices 50 -identity DefaultThrottlingPolicy_hex_string

Hex_String will get from get-throttlingpolicy results.

Now I can connect upto 50 devices …..:)


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