Default Limit size on Exchange 2013 Mailbox Database

Exchange 2013 mailbox database is stored in .EDB file. Exchange 2013 also have same limit for each mailbox capacity which is 2 GB

You can check  Mailbox database properties for limit

From the EAC Console Navigate to Server

Select the Database TAB  –> Select the Database –> Click the pen symbol to check the Properties

  •  General
  • Maintenance
  • Limits
  • Client Settings

Under the limit you can see the following default settings for Mailbox database settings


  • Issue warning at (GB)                             1.9 GB
  • Prohibit send at (GB)                              2 GB
  • Prohibit send and receive at (GB)        2.3 GB
  • Keep deleted items for (days)               14 days
  • Keep deleted mailboxes for (days)       30 days
  • Don’t permanently delete items until the database has been backed up

The last option which means

We ned to Select this check box to prevent mailboxes and email messages from being deleted until after the mailbox database has been backed up.


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